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AstroInfo Project

The AstroInfo Project: The Everything2 of Astronomy

KStars is primarily a learning tool, to teach people about the wonder of the night sky, our window to the universe. There is a lot to learn, however, and the program alone can't do everything. We are writing a collection of short articles to be included with KStars to help explain the concepts behind KStars. There are a lot of articles we'd like to include; many more than we can possibly write ourselves in a reasonable amount of time.

If you are interested in contributing an article to AstroInfo, please join us on the kstars-info mailing list. The list is used for submission of new articles, and review of existing articles. Feel free to use plain text, HTML, or DocBook XML when writing or editing an article; we can convert the article to DocBook XML from other formats.

You can read the current AstroInfo articles in the KStars Handbook, in the AstroInfo Chapter.