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Bug reports to be resolved

Other Required Fixes

  • Improve opaque ground polygon
  • Fix custom catalogs, make it *much* easier to add custom objects
  • UI file for Location dialog (and others?)
  • OpsDialog: child widgets should disable when parent deselected: CNames, MW, Hide obj.
  • AltVsTime: can add custom object more than once, because coords are re-precessed
  • Details: "Edit Link" button should allow link text to be changed
  • Details: Log window: get rid of Save button; text should silently autosave
  • ScriptBuilder: Does not warn if Save As target already exists
  • Showing star mag label, but not name label, prepends "star" to label

Wishlist Items

New Features:

  • Almanac Tool: show dates of Sun events (equinoxes/soltices), major moon phases, eclipses, etc. Possible integration with KOrganizer?
  • Improve Solar System Viewer: include minor bodies
  • Improve Jupiter Moons Tool: show dates rather than day offset; show position of moons at t0
  • Contour lines for large nebulae
  • Alternative sky-projection schemes
  • Indicate binarity/variability of stars on map?
  • DCOP functions for drawing text and lines on the sky map
  • Better rendering of comets and asteroids

Large Projects

  • OpenGL rendering
  • more planet satellites
  • Add Earth satellites (man-made)
  • Update moon equations to Meeus 1998


  • Support for ACL-based telescopes.
  • LX200 AltAz and Polar Park feature.
  • Non-siderial tracking for Celestron.
  • INDI schedualer deamon with RTML-based observation requests for fully automated operations.

Ever-present needs:

  • Improve documentation
  • More AstroInfo articles
  • More Internet links