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Lost in KStars settings or just looking to discover more features in KStars? You can read the KStars Handbook to find answers to your questions.

Need Help?

You are most welcome to tell us about your problems with KStars on our mailing list or our Web Chat channel where you can chat directly with developers and users. For some of these issues, there are temporary workarounds, and asking on the mailing list will help you discover these antidotes for symptomatic relief. We welcome your feedback, and discussion on both the mailing list and Web Chat channel. See the Get Involved page for more information and pointers.

Found a Bug?

KStars has a lot of known issues, and many unknown issues. In either case, reporting a bug is always helpful. To report a bug against KStars, you can use the KDE bug reporting interface. Choose "kstars" as the product to file the bug against.

Missing a Feature?

KStars has a lot of features, but there's always a room for one or two more. If you have an idea for an improvement or you are missing a feature in KStars, write your suggestion in our Bugzilla so that the developers can find it and implement it.

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